Thursday, June 21, 2012

 Day 51
Someone gave us Barefoot wine today
 Day 52
Darby: Another dog we dog-sit
 Day 53
We spent father's day with my dad at the Fairmont by the pool
 Day 54
 Day 55 
Hella gluten free cupcakes
 Day 56
I got Rachel Pokémon plushies
 Day 57
Mystery Science Theater 3000
 Day 58
Good stuff
 Day 59
Some days just I end up finding something in my room and take a picture of it.
Day 60
Dinner out in the backyard
 Day 41
 Day 42
 Day 43
Being productive at work
 Day 44
Spent the day in SF
 Day 45
 Day 46
Roo: the dog we occasionally dog-sit
 Day 47
Addicted to Chevy's
 Day 48
 Day 49
Day 50

Sunday, May 27, 2012

 Day 33
Banana walnut pancakes!
 Day 34
 Day 35
 Day 36
 Day 37
Today at work Candace Nelson (the founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes) visited! She is on TV every now and then, so it was pretty exciting. It was also nerve-racking since everyone at work had to mega-clean the entire store and make sure their fake smiles were extra huge.
 Day 38
In downtown San Jose my girlfriend, family and I took part in the annual Kidney Walk. While there we ran into Sharkie, and Rachel (who had never met him) was genuinely excited to take a picture with him.
Day 39

Day 40
 Day 26
There was a period of time where we were obsessed with Chevy's Happy Hour (I still am)
 Day 27
One of the many beasts that roam my house.
 Day 28

 Day 29
During Vegan Week, I got really into this tofu cream cheese.
 Day 30
 Day 31
Here's something I found at work one day.
Day 32
 Day 21 
Someone got our cat a harness. I'm pretty sure this is the only time they got him to wear it.
 Day 22
 Day 23
I met a pug today.
 Day 24
Day 25
Prepping to make pizza during the week or so I tried going vegan..

Friday, January 27, 2012

5/15/2011 - 5/20/2011

 Day 16
I learned how to frost cupcakes at work today.

 Day 17

 Day 18
Seriously the best sandwich.

 Day 19

Day 20
Gin + Final Fantasy

5/9/2011 - 5/14/2011

 Day 11

 Day 12
We made butter beer!

 Day 13
Home made Cajun fries.

 Day 14

Day 15